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Why Do We Wear Jewelry


Most people love jewelry, but ever thought what are the psychological reasons behind this fascination with wearing jewelry? Ever pondered would humans be any different if we didn’t wear jewelry?

Let’s get this straight…Jewelry has and always will be some sort of status symbol… be it the archeological discovery of an eagle talon necklace made by the Neanderthals to way back more than 135000 years that radically changed the way jewelry were viewed historically. Being able to make and appreciate jewelry was a cultural trait that was thought to be absent in Neanderthals.

With the growth of humanity, adorning the body with jewelry has been very consistent cutting across cultures, regions, gender, and class holding more symbolic value. Be it the ancient Mediterranean culture, which consisted of amulets and seals, or the Egyptian society, which were partial to yellow and green jewelry or the Greeks and Romans who lavishly incorporated jewelry into their cultures, as various ornaments were ingrained into their everyday lives, one thing was common jewelry then held a spiritual significance wherever it was worn though it was primarily reserved for the upper classes of society.

It was still uncommon for the working classes to possess jewelry, until manufacturers managed to make imitations that allowed them to mimic the trends of the nobility a practice that is still seen today as royals, celebrities, and influencers set the styles for each season.

But the reasons that an individual might wear jewelry can differ based upon a variety of factors, from symbolism and tradition, aesthetics and beauty, and more. But is that why we are drawn to jewelry?

There is affordable jewelry today, and everyone is wearing jewelry, which means that status isn’t the only reason why we are wearing jewelry. Often the wearing of jewelry was restricted to the upper class, as the nobles wished to communicate their wealth and social status to all they met by wearing opulent jewelry and lavish clothing.

As one of the oldest of the decorative arts, jewelry reinforces the power that an individual has & what we wear can speak volumes about our social status, only if we let it. Studies have shown that jewelry is a great way for individuals to express their personalities and communicate who they are purely through their appearance.


For instance, if someone wears minimalistic jewelry, such as a pair of studs or a delicate necklace, they are portraying that they are confident and fashionable, but do not wish to attract excessive attention to themselves.

On the other hand, people who wear large statement pieces, such as hoops or bold necklaces enjoy attention and see their jewelry as an extension of their personality. If we are to talk about pieces of jewelry, Earrings will draw attention to your erogenous earlobes, the belly bars will draw attention to your naval, while pedants shine the light on your bosom.

On the contrarian end, you have the wedding band, which will serve as the barrier to an amorous stranger,

Warning them that the stranger they are interested in has been spoken for while the stones and precious metals help humans look to shine and sparkle.

If you go with this perspective, we wear jewelry to persuasively imply that it would be crass to communicate some things with words. As well as a statement of wealth, jewelry is made to make the wearer feel more elegant and attractive as it adds an element to admiration. This is especially the case if the piece of jewelry you’re wearing is personal to you. Jewelry that holds personal value significantly boosts confidence, in comparison to jewelry that has no emotional value. People’s decision to wear this accessory is not just about portraying wealth, but also about expressing one’s background.
Research has shown that wearing jewelry can remarkably increase an individual’s self-esteem, no matter their age or social status. By taking the time to adorn yourself with even the simplest of earrings or the boldest of necklaces, you are investing in yourself. This form of self-care is guaranteed to make you feel confident enough to tackle anything life may throw your way!

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